acne inversa

The acne inversa also known as ingredients suppurate is a chronic sebaceous follicles and terminal hair follicles inflammatory disease . To put it in simple words, reverse Acne is basically a disease that is caused in the inverse areas of the body such as the armpits and similar parts that have skin contact with each other and where porcine glands and hair follicles.

The acne inversa becomes evident as a series of simple abscesses boil as pieces full of pus or sebaceous hard, painful , deep, clusters , often inflamed lesions with chronic seepage involving significant scarring. The parts of the body where abscesses are as big as baseballs are extremely painful when touched and remain on acne inversa this part of the body for years , with the possibility of frequent periods of inflammation, culminating in drainage, often leaving open wounds that heal and even these are often triggered by stress , hormonal changes, or humid heat . Drainage of the lumps provides some relief from severe , often weak, pressure pain , but the pain occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for acne patients and reverse , sometimes it becomes extremely unbearable.

Now, when the abscess remains for years , it is quite understandable that this can cause other problems as well as the bacteria are more likely to meet here . And these can lead to the formation of fistulae , abscesses , or connecting tunnels under the skin. In this phase , the complete recovery is usually not possible acne inversa , and the progression of the disease in the area is inevitable.

As I said drainage occurs from prolonged acne inversa may have a bad smell , fever, and fatigue caused by acute inflammation and the physical limitations caused by pain and skin deformation . Because of this pain often people can not work , drive, exercise or even perform everyday tasks , and are ashamed to go out in public . People who suffer from acne inversa , not only through the severe pain , but also they are depressed and reversed hypertensive , because they are not able to go out in public and in general people try to avoid people who show such symptoms of acne inversa .acne inversa

One thing that should be informed by this article as acne inversa is not treated for years because of this acne sufferers are usually embarrassed to even go out and see a doctor for this problem , and finally , when you going to make acne has changed so much because of his appearance in several years that the disease is often misdiagnosed . Only relatively few physicians are able to recognize and even when they do acne inversa , the proposed treatments are often ineffective , temporary and sometimes even harmful. There is no cure or effective treatment known or consistently works for one person may not work for another. In chronic cases , advanced , surgery is often the choice , but the recurrence of acne inversa are not uncommon.

acne inversa

acne inversa, acne

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