Acne fulminans

Acne fulminans

Although the common term for acne is acne vulgarism , there are several types of acne vulgarism and can suffer some are worse than others. Most often , people get acne in adolescence, it is not uncommon that some people have their first appearance in adult and age.Acne fulminans    Acne occurs mainly in the neck, back , face and shoulders. Although some people often say to get their arms, which are more likely than not be kurtosis Polaris . Lesions obtained with the more severe acne include pustules , blackheads , papules and nodules that can become cysts.Acne fulminans

The Different Types Of Acne

There are three main types of acute acne vulgarism . These include acne Congo, acne fulminans , and modulo .Acne fulminans

Acne Congo – Type Congo is acute or chronic and affects more men than women. It is identified by large eruptions and pimples on the face , arms , neck and hidden deep ulcers and inflammation buttocks. This can cause large scars and treated with a form of vitamin A derivative straining ( Nonacceptance  Acne fulminans   , Acceptance and topical Sore ) . This form of acne vulgarism are repeated frequently , even after treatment.

Acne fulminans – The fulminate form of acne is usually caused by acne Congo recurring . It affects the skin that is already inflamed and is often accompanied by joint pain , fever , rash and violent ulcerative acne .Acne fulminans     The treatment of this form of acne is a course of nontropical anti – inflammatory drugs and treatment may be long term with straining.

Nodular acne – acne nodular type is identified by large cysts on the face , scalp , neck , back , chest and shoulders. These cysts can be very painful and are caused by nodular lesions or folk who have been infected . They should not be Acne fulminans    touched and handled by a dermatologist because if two are close together, could merge and become acne Congo . Extreme cases require surgery , but most often is straining very effective in teaching nodular acne under control.

Treatment of acne vulgarism

The treatment of any type of acne varies ointments and antibiotics for mild to laser therapy and surgery for homes acute outbreaks .

Consulting a dermatologist is the first step to knowing what type of acne you have and what is the best treatment for this particular type. Benzyl peroxide is commonly used as a nonprescription drug for acne,Acne fulminans      but can often cause excessive drying of the skin with redness of the skin.

Some antibiotics are effective when used, but in time the bacteria tend to be resistant to it and subsequent epidemics may find the  Acne fulminans   treatment of acne, once in force is ineffective now . Recently women have also started to use hormone therapy to reduce the amount of androgens and the most severe cases, oral isotretinoin may be taken ( Accutane) . Products such as proactive Triclear are very mild to moderate acne vulgaris .Acne fulminans

Acne fulminans

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