What causes pimples?

What causes pimples

When you suffer from skin problems of acne , it is very important that you understand what makes it better or worse. There are certain types of foods that can cause pimples , while others help your skin regain its flexibility , balance and health. Thus, you are able to manage your skin problem acne better and requires little or no medicine to treat pimples . Below are the most dangerous foods that can worsen your pimples.What causes pimples

High-fat foods and processed fats

Trans fat is very hard on the digestive system , which means that your metabolism slows down . When this happens, the antioxidants are What causes pimples  busy breaking up the fat (if you are capable of anything ) , which means that its natural detoxification processes are affected. His blood still contains too much fat that accumulates in your body and your skin. Excess fat in the skin can cause acne.What causes pimples


Fried foods not only oil and grease , but also a lot of toxins in it. Although the oil burns different toxic substances are released , and eat . If you go to a fast food place , you need to know the oil used to fry place many times . It is likely that all day . All the toxins and fats build up in the system and causes clogging What causes pimples   of the pores , which is why you get pimples.

oilseeds  What causes pimple

For some people , oilseeds are not allowed at all. Among those who have skin reactions to nuts , only a small percentage are diagnosed . What causes pimples   However, if you are not allergic , it is likely that these seeds are too heavy in your digestive system and cause problems. When blood is trying to dissolve the oil , gives your skin that can cause acne.

Sugar and Chocolate What causes pimples:

The sugar is known to cause skin problems acne , and because it is not decomposed in the blood for a long time , either .What causes pimples   In addition, sugar is changing hormone levels in the body, and if you suffer from hormonal acne, can be critical for your state . If you want to avoid pimples is better than fruit sugar instead of a processed form . It is also easier for your body to break down .What causes pimples

What causes pimples?

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