lose weight diet plan


lose weight diet plan

One mistake that most people is to rely solely on calorie counting to arrive in the best conditions . In my first bodybuilding contest I beat many bodybuilders who were more genetically gifted than me. I came to w 180, torn. I beat the guy who weighs 200-225 pounds. They had more muscle mass than I did and even better body lose weight diet plan   structure that I did, but its total blur him look fat compared to me on stage. They made the mistake of trying to compete with a designated body weight instead of competing in the weight that best shows his muscles . Do not make this mistake! I want to show you how to lose fat and not muscle without starving .lose weight diet plan

STEP 1 : The first step in establishing your ideal diet is to weigh . Your weight is the starting point for building your diet. If you weigh 180 pounds, you need 180 grams of protein per day ( weight 180 lbs. X 1 g protein = lose weight diet plan   180 grams of protein ) to maintain their muscle mass this as a strict diet is followed. You should divide into 5 or 6 meals a day eating 35-40 grams of protein at each meal. One gram of protein has 4 calories if your protein intake is 720 calories.lose weight diet plan

STEP 2 : lose weight diet plan   Now let’s say you believe you need 2,160 calories per day to maintain your current weight and have decided to 12 calories per kilogram of body weight was good for you. 180 pounds x 12 calories per pound of body weight = 2160 calories, simple math . But to lose fat will do our base number 10 instead of 12. 180 pounds x 10 calories per pound of body weight = 1800 calories . Our new daily calorie intake is 1800 calories now .lose weight diet plan

STEP 3 : If you subtract 720 calories of protein you get , you end up with a balance of 1,080 calories. 1800 – 720 = 1080. We have the rest of our calorie intake of starchy and fibrous carbohydrates lose weight diet plan    . I do not count calories or 90 then I’ll go a teaspoon of unsaturated fat you consume each day . Fat is essential for overall health and found having a significant effect on the total diet.lose weight diet plan

lose weight diet plan

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