Food for diabetes


Food for diabetes  

If you have diabetes , finding the right balance of foods can be difficult . This article covers the different foods to eat and avoid when you have diabetes.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid foods high in food for diabetes  sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners . Use Stevie as an alternative sweetener . Foods high in sugar are sweet and chocolate. (Like most of us) If you need the occasional piece of chocolate and then try to eat black chocolate with at Continental – least 75 % cocoa .food for diabetes  

You should also avoid certain types of vegetables, including beans , turnips , carrots and peas. They are rich in starch.
You should also avoid fruit with bananas food for diabetes       , grapes , strawberries and mangos.

Avoid types of grain , including pasta , rice , barley , maize , wheat and rye, and foods that contain ingredients ending in old or dare . These are primarily carbohydrate types .

Foods to Eat

The foods you should eat should be rich in fiber. A high fiber diet is very important for diabetics. This includes grains, nuts , fruits  food for diabetes   , seeds and some vegetables. Foods with fiber is good for diabetics because it reduces cholesterol and glucose.

You should also eat fruits such as grapefruit , peach , lemon and apples. Eat fruits and vegetables, while gradually throughout the day for your level of blood sugar will not rise suddenly . You can also eat all kinds of seafood preferably cooked , steamed , baked or food for diabetes   grilled – not fried .

Eat white meat like chicken, fish and duck. Although you can eat lamb or beef once or twice a week. Eggs are great for diabetics, but try to avoid yellow . The cheeses are also very well out of cottage for diabetes

Food for diabetes

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