cat acne


cat acne

During my teenage years , I am plagued by endless waves of ” chew ” or acne on the face and chin. Although despair , I quickly convert a ” acne” and an expert on skin care . I learned how to remove security of the most stubborn blackheads safely. I was the General Patton in points .cat acne

So it was surprising to me , the first time that my male cat started having acne! I noticed I was losing hair under her chin cat acne . Soon I saw big , disgusting display beans around her face and chin, as if in your cat puberty or something. Who would have imagined that cats can get acne too?

What is feline acne ?

Cat acne or feline acne is usually a minor skin infection caused by bacteria that sits on a blocked oil gland . Cat Acne occurs when a cat too a piece of skin and irritates the hair follicles surrounding scratches . This causes inflammation or swelling of the underlying sebaceous glands, which ferment and become infected .cat acne

Acne can also be caused by irritant contact dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis . Irritant contact dermatitis in cats occurs when the skin comes in contact with , or exposed to the substance is extremely irritating as poison ivy or poison oak sap , salt or other synthetic materials.

Allergic contact dermatitis on the other hand is an uncommon problem in cats skin that occur when the skin a cat makes certain cat acne elements of the environment or the environment too . Allergic contact dermatitis can be caused by dyes , carpet deodorizers , some brands of cat flea collars , metals such as nickel or materials or rubber balls wool pet beds are .

Often found on the chin , under the chin or around the mouth or face, then usually not dangerous feline acne can be embarrassing and painful for your pet.

Tips for acne skin care cat cat acne

A. Clean it daily

Use a soft cloth or get a bar of antibacterial soap and wash the pet soap area at least one day. Use a cloth soaked in warm water , but no burns way . You can use aloe vera gel or a small amount of antibacterial ointment to cover the wound .

cat acne

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