nasal saline spray

nasal saline spray

Many of my patients came to me with the fear that they may be addicted to their counter nasal spray . Her breasts and remain chronically blocked nasal spray to eliminate them! They are not alone either. In fact , researchers say that there are 10 million Americans chronically dependent on the use of nasal sprays !nasal saline spray

There was even a funny parody on the nasal spray addiction in the television series The King of Queens . When everyone is gone, the father-in law shows a bottle of nasal spray hidden, pour a little on the nose and the back nasal saline spray  on the couch in a daze pleasure, listening to jazz .

There is nothing funny , however, about the serious health problems such as severely swollen nasal tissues and the holes in the nasal septum , which can result from excessive use of these chemicals nasal sprays .nasal saline spray

I want to talk about the use of nasal sprays safely and what you can do to stop your dependence on them . So I ‘ll tell you some natural alternatives that you can use decongestants that can both clear sinus congestion , swollen nasal tissues heal and stop inflammation .

Nasal sprays : Over- The-Counter vs Prescription

Although their labels clearly indicate that they should not use more than 3 or 4 days at a time , people appreciate the quick cleaning of congestion can offer, and continue to use nasal beyond their limits aerosols . This frequent nasal saline spray  use natural breast opening slowly or even stop and use the sprayer is the only thing that clears blocked sinuses .

This is called a rebound effect may occur if excessive use of them . The rebound effect is really dependence on these sprays that people experience as they do not contain chemical dependency in the real .nasal saline spray

Two of the most popular and Arian nasal decongestants are Neo – Synchronies . Both work very well in cleaning which is supposed to be, occasionally , nasal congestion, as it comes with a bad cold nasal saline spray  . Both contain chemicals such as xylometazoline , oxymetazoline and phenylephrine to work quickly to decongest and are intended for use self- limitation.

Rhinostat , Rhinocort , Flonase – nasal saline spray   Rx nasal sprays are some doctors prescribe their patients to wean against nasal sprays . They contain cortisone reduces inflammation and swelling of the nasal tissues and do not rebound effect aerosols counter .

Why use a nasal spray So Much ?
nasal saline spray
Most people begin to use these sprays for good reason . As my patients , most of them have sought to relieve sinus congestion . However, what many people do not know is that his constant nasal congestion may be due to an nasal saline spray  allergy and a condition called allergic rhinitis.

When patients tell me they use sprays for nasal congestion, first I want to know what causes congestion in the first place . Most often, or have a seasonal allergy,nasal saline spray  for example in spring or autumn pollen or mold in the air , or allergies all year for mites, pet dander and mold. Allergy treatment may initially prevent abuse of nasal sprays .nasal saline spray

nasal saline spray

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