fitness Lion

fitness Lion
In the early days , when the Neanderthals lived in the wild , as some are in the office today , everyone had a program of health and physical exercise. It is called hunting, and if they do not they will be on a fast diet fitness Lion to lose weight that will never recover . Nobody had a problem with stress at work and then , because of all the stress they got was to survive each day. Come to think of it , times have not changed much .
The type of stress experienced was primitive to the high intensity of the type found in a situation of life or death manginess Lion . Not as intense as divorce, but close enough . Unknown to primitive man , the pure physics of everyday life gave him a daily dose of endorphins which is the natural way of the body to relieve stress. If you’re lucky enough to be chased by a lion than 50 meters , you will feel the same .fitness Lion Today, we call Lion

Modern man has long known fitness Lion that exercise reduces stress, but what does that have to do with is chewed by the head every day ? Or by reducing the price of its product by 50% and still can not takers ? But you know what … ‘ re right . Exercise can do anything there. What it does is reduce your stress level. Then you will feel better. Then you ‘LL be in good position to create a solution to their problems at work. Then you get a raise or jump over your sales goals . Neat , huffiness Lion ?

Stress at work is not always proportional to the amount of time you missed a promotion. It is our only answer to every situation. For a man , do not get a salary increase is not a big problem as the other guy does not understand . fitness Lion If this happens , all hell breaks loose .

Things happen when you put in a stressful situation. You get the adrenaline, the heart beats faster , your blood pressure rises , you are nervous , cursing softly, because the girl of your dreams will ask you and all you can do is stand there like a statue with a smile stupid on his Lion

You release cortisone, the stress hormone fitness Lion , and sugar and fat are injected into the bloodstream as additional fuel for your muscles. You are in a state of alert , ready to fight or flee. Unfortunately, the answer is not acceptable in this situation. Consider how much time your stress will stay with you if you let it go .

fitness Lion

fitness Lion, fitness

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