CrossFit – The Spirit of the Community

By Rick DiCarlo

Remember back to your first CrossFit experience. You were likely intimidated, scared, or nervous about this new fitness craze that you had decided to take on. When you heard that 3, 2, 1, go for the first time, you might have been wondering what you had just gotten yourself into. CrossFit is the sport of fitness where competition is welcomed and growth is expected. Reaching your personal best and setting new personal records are always a great accomplishment, and what makes it even better is when your fellow athlete’s give you a pat on the back. CrossFit members always find inspirational things to say to one another during and after their workouts, or Workout Of the Day “WODs” as we affectionately refer to them.

There is one piece of the puzzle that sometimes gets missed though… As a community, we should always try our best to not quit until the last athlete finishes their last rep. Now, by no means am I implying that you finish your WOD and then finish theirs with them (that would crazy talk!) But, if you have ever been the last to finish the WOD and you see others stripping their bars and grabbing their car keys to get ready to leave, you know how tough on your mind and body connection that can be, especially during those grueling Hero WODs or one of the notorious “Nasty Girls” WODs. On the other hand, if you have ever tried to finish your WOD and your fellow athletes cheer you on to “push hard” and to “give it all you got”- then you have experienced CrossFit in its purest sense. That’s how CrossFit is intended to be, and why it has been so successful as a fitness program for so long.

Your support to that last person makes all the difference! It’s giving all your energy to motivate your fellow athletes and building a stronger community at that same time. Grab your water, collapse on the floor next to them (out of reach of getting squished by a bar) and cheer on your fellow athletes! Before you start putting away your weights and cleaning your areas after the WOD, try to wait until the last athlete calls “TIME!” If you absolutely have to go, you have to go, but if we all try to implement this idea it would bring our community up to the next level of awesomeness!

CrossFit is built on the strength of a community that supports and encourages one another. Embracing that spirit every day in your box will make you and everyone around you a better athlete, friend, and human being.

Rick DiCarlo is the owner of Aliso CrossFit in Aliso Viejo, CA. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 12 years. He also recently created the website, to help new and prospective affiliate owners open a CrossFit gym.

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CrossFit – The Spirit of the Community


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