Adult Onset Acne – Not Just A Teenager’s Problem

By Susan E Foster

Acne is often viewed as a teenager’s problem, how many of us have been told “You’ll grow out of it!”? Yet you reach your twenties and hope that the following year your skin will be clear, but it just doesn’t happen! The fact is not everyone does grow out of it, acne can linger well into your 40’s and beyond. You may also never suffer with acne as a teenager, then suddenly develop adult onset acne, this usually starts after the age of 18.

There are many adults who suffer from adult onset acne in their twenties and beyond. The damaging effects of stress from work and everyday life adds to the misery often making the condition worse.

Mental anxiety could be a major trigger in worsening acne for adults. Women are most likely to suffer from it since they’re exposed to stress which they acquire throughout their day-to-day lifestyle. They may be also prone to hormonal imbalances, in particular at times when they have their menstruation and through pregnancy.

The environment is another factor in developing adult onset acne. If your surroundings are dirty or it’s hot, you may sweat a lot. Maybe you work in a place where your skin is exposed to oily substances too, all these factors can lead to the clogging up of your pores leading to spots.

One of the best things you can do is maintain good skin care. Cleanse twice daily, and use cleansers that contain salicylic acid if possible, these are great for acne prone skin and remove the dead surface skin cells, there are plenty of face washes and wipes on the market that contain this ingredient. After cleansing apply a moisturiser, then a treatment can be applied at this stage too.

Products containing benzoyl peroxide are particularly effective, benzoyl peroxide will also slough dead skin cells, unclog the pores and kill the acne causing bacteria P.acnes.

Moisturisers that contain glycolic acid can also help acne prone and ageing skin. Glycolic acid has a smaller molecular structure and can penetrate the pores better, it will help reduce blackheads and whiteheads and over time will reduce acne breakouts. These products used in conjunction with one another can have a particularly good effect at controlling acne.

Try to Consume a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

Take adequate sleep and rest. Try to exercise more, yoga is a great stress reliever and is ideal for acne sufferers.

If your acne is very severe it’s always advisable to seek the help of your doctor, the over the counter products mentioned above may not be enough to help your skin and an alternative treatment may be appropriate for you.

Susan Foster is the owner of the website Help Adult Acne:
Here you can download a FREE copy of Sue’s “Control Your Acne” eBook and also find tips, treatments and information on dealing with adult acne.

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Adult Onset Acne – Not Just A Teenager’s Problem

Not Just A Teenager's Problem, Adult Onset Acne, Adult Onset Acne – Not Just A Teenager's Problem

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