Tips for Choosing the Right Salon

By Anna Woodward

Whether you live in a major metropolis or a rural town, you should review the salons in your area in order to find the one that seems like the perfect fit for you. Getting a hair cut should be a treat, not an obligation, and if you look at it that way you can have a great experience. Even with a low budget or limited time, you can get a cut that complements your body and style to leave you feeling great. Follow these tips to choose a salon and a stylist that truly deserves your business.

1) Make sure the salon is clean and organized. There is no excuse for a salon to have past customers’ hair on the floor or a disorganized front desk. No matter how busy they may be, it is the responsibility of the staff to keep the entire space clean. You shouldn’t be worrying about germs at the salon, though it’s a common breeding ground if styling tools aren’t properly cared for. Scissors and other instruments need to be sterilized between customers, and each hair stylist’s station should be thoroughly cleaned after each appointment.

2) Use your nose to gauge ventilation. Remember, you may be sitting in a salon for an hour or two, depending on the type of service you are having done. Your experience will be a lot less pleasant if you’re stuck smelling chemicals, such as those found in cleaning solutions, disinfectants, hair dyes, and relaxants. And besides just having to suffer through the terrible smells, you may be doing serious damage to your respiratory system. These chemicals can cause asthma or allergy reactions and headaches. Salons in strip malls, for example, may suffer from poor ventilation. Be sure to scout out the location in advance and be sure the environment is comfortable in all meanings of the word, including how it smells.

3) Check out the type of people who work there. Are they friendly? Do they give adequate attention to their customers during an appointment? Do you like their hair styles and think you could trust them to give you a hair cut? If you notice immediately that they are too busy chatting with each other, rather than paying attention to their customers, that’s a red flag that the service at that salon is lacking. If their own hair is sloppy or they look unkept, you can’t help but wonder if that is reflected in their hair care skills.

Talented hair stylists can be found in salons in nearly every town and city across the country. Just because you may have had a bad experience in the past doesn’t mean you can’t find a new salon and stylist to work with in the future. If you’re unsatisfied with your current pick, look around and review your options before booking your next appointment.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Salon

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