Social Anxiety Disorder Test – What Is It? Do I Have It?

By Eric Coons

A Social Anxiety Disorder Test can help you determine if you are a sufferer of this disorder. But, what is Social Anxiety Disorder? Also known as SAD or Social Phobia, Social Anxiety Disorder is the most common of the anxiety disorders. The most common characteristic is intense fear in social situations which cause distress and slowed ability to function in the sufferer’s daily routine.

SAD usually begins at an early stage. Cases have been diagnosed in patients as young as eleven years old. Left untreated or undiagnosed, sufferers may self medicate with alcohol or other drugs to help them cope in stressful situations. This self-medication may lead to other issues including alcoholism and eating disorders.

A Social Anxiety Disorder Test not only determines the mental state of the patient, but also the physical symptoms of the disorder. Some of the physical symptoms include: Rapid speech, heart palpitations, blushing, sweating, heavy breathing, nausea and stammering.

Here is a quick Social Anxiety Disorder Test you can take if you feel that you or someone you know may be suffering from Social Phobia. Rate your responses on a scale of 0 to 4 with 0 being “does not apply to me at all” and 4 being “Yes, I strongly agree!” Record your responses on a separate sheet of paper.
Are you afraid of people in authority positions?
Are you stressed when people notice you trembling or shaking in a social setting?
Are you bothered if you blush in front of others?
Do you avoid speaking to persons in authority?
Do parties and social events scare you?
Are you afraid of being embarrassed or looking stupid or foolish in front of others?
Is it easier to avoid talking to people you don’t know rather than approaching them?
Does fear of someone watching you stop you from doing certain activities (dancing, sports, singing, etc.)
Are you afraid of criticism?
Do you have heart palpitations when you are around other people?
Do you avoid activities for fear of embarrassment?
Would you rather do anything else than be criticized?
Do you worry about sweating in front of other people?
Do you avoid giving speeches at all costs?
Are you afraid of talking to strangers?
Do you or have you avoided going to parties or other social events?
Are you afraid to be the center of attention?

Add up your score. Rate your results on the following scale:
0-20 points – Little to no Anxiety
21-30 points – Mild Anxiety
31-40 points – Moderate Anxiety
41-68 points – Severe Anxiety

If your score was in the moderate to severe range, you may want to do more research on SAD or see your physician with any questions. Of course, no online Social Anxiety Disorder Test can take the place of a doctor’s diagnosis. The main thing is to arm yourself with knowledge and refuse to suffer in silence.

Do not suffer from this debilitating disorder another day! To learn More about Social Anxiety Disorder and to discover possible treatment options: Go to immediately. There is help.

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Social Anxiety Disorder Test – What Is It? Do I Have It?

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