Sinusitis – The Causes And Cures

By Shruti S Sharda

Sinusitis is a medical condition which involves the inflammation of the tissue lining of the sinus cavities present in the skull. These tissues are inflamed by a trigger, which could be an allergen, a pollutant, an irritant or even a bacterial infection. Once they swell up, these tissues block the nasal passages heading out of the sinus cavity, prohibiting the discharge of the mucus which lubricates these cavities and passages. The mucus then proceeds to accumulate and ends up infested by a bacteria, virus or fungus, which causes fever, fatigue and a whole lot of other symptoms.

There are four classifications of sinusitis, based on the symptoms the patient experiences and the intensity of the occurring symptoms –

* Acute Sinusitis – This condition normally lasts from one to four weeks.

* Subacute Sinusitis – This condition normally lasts from four to eight weeks.

* Chronic Sinusitis – Sinusitis symptoms that last beyond 2 months.

* Recurrent Sinusitis – Symptoms recur at several different times during the year.

The treatments for sinusitis vary as much as the millions of people who suffer from it annually. In cases of acute and subacute sinusitis, a strict regimen of decongestants and antibiotics, as prescribed by your doctor, should suffice to alleviate the symptoms and clear up your nasal passages.

Those suffering from chronic or recurring sinusitis can opt for more advanced methods like getting balloon sinuplasty. It involves a non invasive surgical procedure to clear the sinuses, an option not many chronic and recurring sinusitis patients could enjoy earlier. There are also alternatives available to those people who wish to avoid the side effects of medication and the perceived risks of surgery. All natural remedies for sinusitis symptoms can be had in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

One extremely effective method is to boil water in a pan and then inhale the steam, allowing it to relax the inflamed sinus tissues and dilute the congested discharge in the nasal passageways effectively, causing the mucus to flow out for easy removal. Another method involves installing a humidifier, which raises the moisture level of the air indoors, making it easier for the body to lubricate the nasal passageways and harder for the mucus to congeal and solidify.

By using numerous spices and special oils, like eucalyptus and peppermint, sinusitis patients can ease their symptoms considerably. With these all natural remedies, sinusitis patients can look forward to easily breaking free of their symptoms and breathe easy.

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Sinusitis – The Causes And Cures


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