It Is Just an Anxiety Disorder, Get Over It

By Michael Ditch

Just like baking a cake if you follow the recipe you’ll have cake, and if you follow the recipe on how to get over anxiety you will be anxious free. How can I make such a claim, because I have done it and as the old cliché goes if I can do it so can you.

We know that anxiety comes and goes in cycles, and there is a reason for that. The reason is real simple your habits and patterns. Break the habit and You’ll end up with a different result. Up until now you have consistently done the same old things that cause your anxiety, and if you are reading this then you are looking to change that.

Jim Rohn said that if you change, your whole life changes. The power of that statement is true, with it there are endless opportunities.

Why do you have anxiety all the time? Someone once said that you are what you think about. That is the key, do you think in a fashion where you can see the bad things in life much more easily than you can see the good things in life? If you’re honest with yourself then you know the answer to that is yes. Because if you focused on the good things in your life you wouldn’t have anxiety.

My friend Tony Robbins says that what is wrong is always available, and so is what is right. That statement means that whatever is in your life, be it in the past or in the present, you have the power to assign meaning to the events that happen. Right now you have a habit of looking and finding what is wrong in your life, and the effect of this habit leads to extreme amounts of stress. Stress in large quantities causes many symptoms that lead to panic attacks, and other stress related health problems. Your body and mind cannot handle it.

The good news is that you can learn a new habit that will help you to feel good, and change your life. It will take practice and once you master it you will never want to go back to your old ways again. Let me give you an example: I recently worked a 15 hour day. Now at first I was angry to put it mildly, and so stressed I felt terrible. I knew that I had an option feel stressed or use the power of my conscious mind and take control, I had to change the meaning of me working 15 hours to something that made me feel better. Instead of thinking about these long hours, and it taking me from my family, I decided to think of it differently. That long day at work meant that I was going be able to spend more time with my family because I spent so much time on fixing the problem, that it wasn’t going to happen anymore, and I would not be called in the future to work on that problem again. (giving me more time with my family.)

The lesson is if you seek it you will find it. Ask yourself what is good about this? Your mind will find the answer to that question. When you find all the good things in your life it is impossible to feel bad. If you look for everything that sucks about life you will find that too, and you know where that leads. Stress! When you have the habit of thinking about everything that is bad, then your life will be bad. So the choice is yours to make. Which one will you pick?

Hi I am not a PHD or Medical Doctor, I am someone real, who has had the experience of living with an anxiety disorder. I and happy to tell you that I have overcome this disorder, and am passionate about helping other people to find their way out, if you would like to learn more you can visit my website and get 1 on 1 coaching from me at

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It Is Just an Anxiety Disorder, Get Over It

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