3 Tips to Improve Adrenal Fatigue

By Angela Minelli

A condition known as adrenal fatigue has swept the country. Due to incredibly high stress and the demands of everyday life, millions of men and women are left incapacitated, sick and wondering where to turn for help.

Most people don’t even know what adrenal fatigue is, yet the backlash from too much stress at work and home is driving people to an early grave because of it. Adrenal fatigue is driven by stress itself, which is a constant challenge in today’s world, and just when you think you’ve licked it, along comes another crisis such as an imminent deadline or last-minute soccer game that has the potential to throw your entire week into overdrive.

Over 90% of doctor’s visits today are due to stress, which drives a myriad of health conditions, most notably stressed adrenals, which is most often overlooked by Western medicine, yet is a key cause of sugar cravings, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, and mood disorders.

Simply put, your adrenal glands, which are 3″ wide glands that sit on top of your kidneys, produce the fight or flight hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Whenever you experience stress, your mind interprets the event as a life-threatening situation and goes into response mode. For most people, it doesn’t take much, but it really doesn’t matter what triggers it because your mind doesn’t know the difference between a real or perceived threat, and can only react one way, sending cortisol out to your system and pumping blood to your extremities so that you can literally outrun the “threat” and consequently save your life.

Just sitting in traffic waiting for the light to turn red will send your whole body into overdrive!

Excessive amounts of cortisol production over prolonged periods of time will eventually exhaust your adrenal glands, throwing off your entire endocrine system affecting thyroid and pituitary in addition to adrenals, and is dependent on regular hormone production. The pituitary is the master gland that oversees all endocrine functions, and the thyroid is responsible for metabolizing proteins, carbs and fats, as well as body temperature, and can impact weight too. So you can easily see how if one is off, they’re all off!

Too much stress sucks your energy too, leading to persistent sugar cravings. Adrenals actually thrive on protein and minerals for maintenance, but when cortisol is in charge nonstop, your body demands whatever source of quick energy it can get, hence it resorts to sugar which is easily absorbed in your mouth versus your gut (which takes longer) so the effects are immediate.

If it isn’t already obvious, it’s imperative to maintain healthy adrenal glands, which requires either eliminating the source of stress altogether or implementing better stress management techniques. Try one of these exercises for starters:

Exercise 1: Try dot therapy. Place circular stickers (found at office supply stores) wherever you might need a reminder to relax, such as in your car or on your computer at work. Whenever you see a dot, practice the six second release exercise.

Exercise 2: Five minutes to calm. A 5-minute relaxation and meditation session can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormone levels, raise energy levels, and boost the mood. Sit still in a comfortable position. Focus on your breathing. Visualize a place where you feel completely relaxed like a warm sunny day on the beach perhaps or walking through the woods on a crisp cool day. Notice all the details around you… imagine the sun or cool air on your face… the sound of the waves or crunching sound of leaves under your feet… focus on the calmness all around you and take this peaceful feeling with you throughout the day.

Exercise 3: Six-second release. Anytime you feel stressed or anxious, inhale deeply for two seconds, then exhale for four seconds. Say to yourself, “I’m relaxed”. Let your body release all tension and feel the wave of relaxation flow downward.

Agreeably adrenal fatigue is exhausting, and depending on which stage you’re in, you may feel hopeless. However, don’t despair, because there are viable solutions available that are non-invasive and safe, and work to reverse the condition quickly, which for many people could literally mean the difference between life and death.

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Angela Minelli is an Emotional Eating Coach and Digestive Health Expert, author, speaker and founder of Angela Minelli International, a heart-based global business serving purpose-driven women entrepreneurs whose self-image and weight issues are inhibiting their confidence and blocking them from pursuing their life’s passion. She takes a stand for women who are living less than ideal lives, stopped by unnecessary fears that prevent them from stepping into their power and delivering their God-given genius to the world. Her coaching programs and products are designed for women with complex lifestyles yet allow for powerful transformation to take place within a small segment of time.

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3 Tips to Improve Adrenal Fatigue

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